About LeVic Plastics Inc.

Mission Statement

LeVic Plastics Inc.'s Goal Is To Supply Our Customers With Quality Parts, On Time, And At A Fair Price.


Since starting in business in 1972, LeVic Plastics Inc. Plastics offers a precise, workable and economical production facility. Through this effort LeVic's customer base continues to increase in number.


For three basic, but important reasons, LeVic Plastics Inc. molds are usually aluminum: (1) The cost of machining is less than with steel molds; (2) modifications are easier, faster and less expensive; and (3) costly assembly procedures are virtually eliminated.

Planning Through Production

LeVic Plastics Inc. provides a complete service program. This includes conceptual discussions, mold design, mold building and the final molding of production parts. One of LeVic's functions has been working with research and development and having the capabilities for short to intermediate production runs when limited production is required. LeVic's objective is to work with our customers by offering sonic welding, hot stamping, assembly, packaging and drop shipping per customers requirements.

Resins or Materials

You can be assured all materials used by LeVic are certified materials. LeVic is meticulous about material selection and the craftsmanship they put into the products produced.


LeVic Plastics Inc. is sensitive to your needs and understands that product confidentiality is important to our customers. LeVic Plastics Inc. is happy to sign a Security and Non-disclosure contract to assure the protection of your interests.


Molds can be produced at 1/4 to 1/3 the cost of a standard production mold by using aluminum molds. Our molds are competitively priced with offshore mold shops, a quicker turn around helps to ensure that LeVic Plastics Inc. molds are value priced.

Proven Performance

Here are a few of the 250 plus companies that help compose LeVic Plastics Inc.'s outstanding list of satisfied customers.


LeVic Plastics Inc. will gladly prepare and present budgetary quotations for your production jobs. Along with your quotation you will also receive a "projected delivery". There is no cost or obligation for LeVic Plastics Inc. quotations.


If you should have any questions about our services and capabilities, please call or contact your LeVic Plastics Inc. representative at Toll Free: 1.800.231.1232.

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